The interaction between nature, innovation and design is the basis for the creation of our products. Our wall-coverings are made of a bio-based material, whose formulation has been developed within the company.

Raw materials are processed in cold water in a closed production cycle. In the water bath the linters are mixed with earth pigments, without the addition of chemical dyes and mordant, finally they take shape with a cold moulding process. At the end of the life of the product, we retire the wall-covering from the customer, and reuse the 100% of the material in our production process.

Each tile is treated individually to guarantee the required technical properties, such as resistance to fire and water, giving the material the sensory and aesthetic qualities of excellence present in all our products.


We offer 6 different shapes: quadrato, triangolo, trapezio, pentagono, rettangolo e quadrilatero irregolare. For every shape we propose 28 different colours, to design a limitless number of patterns.







Base unit

Four of our basic shapes can be joined together to create a base unit: a square of 59 cm. The rotation, the displacement of the base unit and the different colors creates an unfinished number of different graphic effects.

Side Finishes

Milleforma COTONE is available with two standard side finishes: QUADRO, characterized by a small lateral step, and SOFT, where the curvature reaches the edge of the tile

Pattern Inspiration

It is possible to choose among some modules for the creation of predefined graphic patterns. The combination of the 28 colors offers configurations suitable for each taste and location. These are just a few examples of the infinite possibilities offered by milleforma COTONE.

Color palette


Terra verde

Terra Ombra
naturale di Cipro


Terra Gialla



The cellulose composition of Milleforma products guarantees high sound absorption performance in the face of extremely reduced thicknesses. In particular, Milleforma products have an excellent sound-absorbing response in the fundamental frequencies of the human voice (200-500 Hz), making them ideal for restoring acoustic comfort in public places, offices, schools and residential complexes.

Technical Specification

Density: 300 kg/m3 (6 kg/m2)
Fire reaction class: B-s1, d0, Classe 1 (EN 15102:2011)
Sound absorption coefficient: αw = 0,45 (EN ISO 354:2003, EN ISO 11654:1997)


In our gallery of proposals you will find examples that can help you in the realization of your project unique and suitable to your personality and your space


We offer to professionals the opportunity to develop solutions based on our materials, creating custom shapes and textures, for every need and for spaces of various sizes. We support the customer with our team, and the network of technicians and designers we use, in order to choose the best solution for the project, from both an aesthetic and technical point of view.

The service is available starting from projects over 20 square meters.