In the international context of the Milan Design Week, milleforma presented its new forms by participating in AroundShapes event, an exhibition project organized by MaterialiCasa – Tile Italia and Studio Azzolini Tinuper: a multisensory installation that explores the unconventional uses of the matter.

A prestigious classic apartment revisited is the setting for an immersive and emotional journey that plays with shapes and volumes and turns the spotlight on the material trends of contemporary architecture. The protagonists are the surfaces and design accessories, interpreted in a new aesthetic key and expertly shaped to become integral parts of the furnishing system. The location is in the hearth of the Brera Design District: via Palermo, 5 where there are numerous an important showrooms, essential stops on the agenda of every visitor To Milan Design Week.

Like leitmotiv the “necklace” in cotton linters of milleforma, suspended decorative acoustic panels re-dress and adorn 4 rooms of the apartment, thanks to the incentive of the architectural firm AzzoliniTinuper, the pendent material forms in cotton cellulose hover and identify each environment with the delicate tones of the terra ombra di cipro of the squares to the rectangles in shades of pink, up to the new hexagonal shapes in the shades of nero Roma and the bright circles in the shades of yellow of terra di Siena

They are proposed as decorative and functional forms, in which the use of natural raw materials, cotton linters and natural earth pigments for colouring, is combined with a unique aestethic and with excellent performances: sound-absorbing, fireproof, breathable, hydrophobic and resistant, suitable for a contemporary use and completely sustainable for the environment, create in full respect of nature.

Reference: MaterialiCasa – Aroundshapes
Location: Brera Design District, via Palermo, 5 Milano
Concept and interior design: Studio AzzoliniTinuper
Tipologia: Installation
Year: 2019
Product used milleforma cotone
Goal: The creation of a multisensory installation that explores the unconventional uses of the matter and material.
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