Les Arcanistes The future is un / written, Studiopepe’s Manifesto Project for Milan Design Week 2019, unfolds inside a large industrial space which was used in the 1900s for the manufacturing of gold.

These previously unseen spaces will house an investigation into the strong interconnection between matter and the archetypal power of symbols. The archanists were the first chemists, holders of the arcane (secret) knowledge of the formulas used to create porcelain and for the manufacturing of matter in general, such as glass and metals.
In collaboration with Minimal48, milleforma, experiment and explore the matter contributing to the installation of the contemporary Wunderkammer where primordial materials and artifacts mix are interpreted in different form and combinations.

In this context, the milleforma cotone acoustic tiles was proposed to create a wall-covering installation that combines the philosophy of the Manifesto Project with the modern interpretation of the production of handmade paper.

These artifacts are made in cotton linters worked in water, recovered and reused in a closed production cycle. The cotton cellulose is mixed with particular high quality clays, coloured with natural earth and powdered pigments in a water bath, without the addition of mordant, to then be formed through a cold pressing process.

Personalized squares, in the nuances of the natural green earth have given the setting up, an unexpected and unprecedented effect in cotton cellulose mosaic in which every single element, rigorously made by hand and with natural materials, gives soft shades that are never repeated in identical way, thanks to the particular handmade proces, to create a chromatic effect of great impact

Reference: Studiopepe’s Manifesto Project
Les Arcanistes – The future is un / written
Location: via Garofalo, 34 Milano
Concept and interior design: Studiopepe
Design partner: Minimal48
Category: Temporary Milano Design week
Year: 2019
Product used
milleforma cotone
Goal: investigate, experiment and explore the matter by partecipating in the installation of the Wunderkammer within the Manifesto project’s Les arcanistes by Studiopepe.
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