Inside the Montecatini office building, located between via della Moscova and via Turati in Milan and designed by Gio Ponti in 1936, milleforma carried out an intervention in an important notary’s office to improve acoustic comfort in a meeting room.

The meeting room located in one of the top floors, overlooks the splendid view that sweeps from the Piazza della Repubblica to the Central Station, and extended laterally towards the new Milanese skyline of Porta Nuova from one side to the view of the mountains of Lecco from other.

The customer’s request was not to change the configuration of the office, while maintaining the style and rigor of the environment, as well as the furniture, given the presence of valuable works of art.

The proposal and the intervention provided for an extension of the already existing false ceiling coverage, extending it with the covering in milleforma, cotton acoustic tiles, up to the plaster board lowering for aeration, thus making the overall view of the environment more homogeneous.

The propose shape, a 30×30 cm square with a soft lateral finish, as well as the pattern used in the shades of the Terra d’ombra di Cipro, wanted to recall the rationalist Italian style of the building that as the same time communicates austerity and refined elegance, to remember the tones of the internal and integrating gracefully in the environment.

Reference: Studio Notarile – Arch Fiaccarini Lab9A
Location: Milano
Concept and interior design: milleforma
Category: Office
Year: 2018
Product used milleforma cotone
Goal: the improvement of acoustic comfort in a meeting room through false ceiling intervention
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