We are proud that our material, milleforma cotone has been chosen by Peclers Paris for their trend book Environments & Design AW 21-22 and Inspiration AW 21-22

We use cotton cellulose and clays to create high quality products in natural materials, excellent performance and in full respect of nature and sustainability, without compromise.

All manufacturing processes for the production of milleforma cotone are closed-loop, in total respect of nature, do not use harmful chemicals, are eco-friendly and plastic-free and do not contain adhesives. We recover the water used in production through simple decantation processes, having chosen natural soils for the colouring of our products.

We propose the withdrawal of the product at the end of its life, thanks to its complete reusability, 100% of the material is reinserted in the production cycle for the realization of new products.

We are satisfied that our attention to the environment with the use of natural and sustainable materials with zero environmental impact has allowed us to be chosen by Peclers, the consulting agency specialized in trend forecasting, style and innovation, founded in 1970 by Dominique Peclers. With more than 40 years of experience, Peclers offers multiple brands, designers and studios ad hoc creative consultancy and analysis, consumer reports and brand strategies. Peclers’ creative team publishes “trend notebooks” – seasonal trend books, used as a basis for trend forecasting and style creation, for a variety of market sectors, ranging from textiles, apparel, accessory design, home, cosmetics and beauty. They have selected and included milleforma in the materials that will mark the trend both in the trend book Environments & design and in the Inspirations notebook a timeless publication to give life to creative projects.

We are happy that our commitment and attention to the realization of products using a natural material, such as cellulose, has obtained this important recognition.